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Transactional Loans

We Fund 100% Of The Purchase Price Plus All Closing Cost! 

No Cash Out Of Pocket At Closing!


What is Transactional Funding?

Transaction funding is used in wholesale flip transactions only. Transactional funding is a “1-day loan” that is used to fund the purchase of a wholesale investment property where the investor/buyer has no intention of fixing or holding on to the property but simply wants to “immediately flip / double close” and sell the property to another investor and make a profit on the sale.

Transactional Funding Is Used Primarily When A Purchase Contract Does Not Allow The Contract To Be Assigned To Another Buyer And/Or No Assignment Fee Is Allowed To Be Paid.

Where We Lend: PA

Transactional Funding Program Highlights:

  • Loan Amount $10,000 – $200,000
  • No Credit Check!
  • No Up Front Fees!
  • No Down Payment!
  • No Appraisal Required!
  • No Employment Verification!
  • No Income Documentation!
  • No Bank Statements!
  • No Liquid Asset Documentation!
  • Must Close In A Business Entity Name!
  • 100% Funding (includes purchase price, closing cost and fees)!

What We Require To Fund Your Deal

  • You Must Have A Contracted and Qualified End Buyer Committed To Purchase Your Wholesale Property In Order To Obtain Transactional Funding.
  • Must close in name of a business entity
  • Copy of Government Issued ID required
  • Copy of both fully executed purchase contracts (A-B & B-C)
  • Copy of proof of funds letter or bank statement from the End Buyer
  • Copy of business entity ownership documents
  • Tentative Closing Date (We require minimum 10 business days advance notice)
  • Closings must be executed as a simultaneous “back to back” closing
  • We must approve your designated title/closing company OR use our designated title company.

What We Charge:

  • Total loan fee is: 3% of total cash to close Or $3,995.00 (whichever is greater)
  • Lender Wire Transfer Fees: $250.00
  • Broker Processing Fee: $395.00
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